30.Mai.2004 :: 2.Pfingst Aftershock

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Sep 2nd


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Location: Shadow Leverkusen

DJ Decoder
Mittageisen – Neues China
Shock Therapy – Tomorrowland
Asylum Party – Play Alone
Frank The Baptist – Signing Off
B Movie – Amnesia

DJ Lorry
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
Iron Curtain – The Condos
Twillight Ritual – I Never Called You A Dream
Shock Therapy – Nothing But Lies
Virgin Prunes – Sweethome Under White Clouds
Play Dead – The Tenant
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Monkeys On Juice
Sisters Of Mercy – Poison Door

DJ Reptile
Archive – Fuck U
Vast – Free
Malaise – Faraway Garden
Last Dance – Do You Believe In Angels
Indochine – Paradize
Opera De Nuit – Amour Noir

DJ Decoder
Poesie Noir – Night Of The Mare
Snowy Red – Never Alive
OMD – Red Frame White Light
Depeche Mode – Love In Itself
FPU Project – Ocean Drive
Artist Unknown – Luvgun
Human League – Being Boiled

DJ Lorry
Silvia – Zuerst Ich
Rational Youth – I Want To See The Light
1000 Ohm – A.G.N.E.S.
Inertia – The Screen
Visage – Der Amboss
The Actor – Deutsches Maedchen
Propaganda – P Machinery
Shock Therapy – Im So Sick

DJ Reptile
The Convent – First Impressions Of The West
Morrissey – Irish Blood English Heart
The Cure – The End Of The World
The Chameleons – Swamp Thing +
The Rapture – Sister Savior
Ascii Disko – Aldimarkt
Northern Lite – Gone

DJ Decoder
Interpol – Roland
The Strokes – Reptilia
Placebo – Bitter End
New Model Army – No Rest
Joy Division – Warsaw
Peter And The Test Tube Babies – The Jinx
Epoxies – Need More Time
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Jimi Tennor – Suggar Daddy
Ladytron – Cease2Exist
Clan Of Xymox – Call It Weird
Nine Circles – Miss Love
DAF – Als Waers Das Letzte Mal +
Los Indicados – Soy El Vacio

DJ Lorry
Rational Youth – Coboloid Race
Klinik – Face To Face +
Psyche – Brain Collapses +
The Wake – Patrol
Product Of Reason – Active Repetition
Red Zebra – I Cant Live In A Living Room
Soviet War – The Nuthouse
Blitz – New Age
New Model Army – Betcha
S.Y.P.H. – Industriemaedchen
Der Fluch – Mein Koenig
The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
Mittagspause – Zurueck Zum Beton
Misfits – We Are 138
Alien Sex Fiend – Dead And Buried

DJ Reptile
Fliehende Stuerme – Maschinentrauma
The Uncut – Devotion
Killing Joke – Darkness Before Dawn
Pink Turns Blue – Walking On Both Sides
The Church – Reptile +
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Client – Here And Now (Cicada Mix)
Jeans Team – Keine Melodien (MJ Lan Mix) +

DJ Decoder
Clan Of Xymox – A Day
Libido Blume – In My Room
Cinema 90 – In Ultra Violet +
X Mal Deutschland – Qual
Dreizack – Grossstadtnacht
Ideal – Berlin
Charles De Goal – Exposition
Vsor X – Prey Room
Absolute Body Control – Love At First Sight
Nitzer Ebb – Warsaw Ghetto +
Click Click – I Rage I Melt
Soft Cell – Heat
Second Glance – Shackles And Chains

DJ Lorry
Stratis – Herzlos
El Aviador Dro – El Ultimo Asalto A La Bastilla
Neon – Dark Age
One Gang Logic – Playtime
Grauzone – Der Weg Zu Zweit +
New Order – Everythings Gone Green
Skeletal Family – She Cries Alone
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Spellbound
Bauhaus – In Fear Of Fear
Southern Death Cult – Moya
The Cure – A Short Term Effect
Suicide – Ghostrider
The Normal – T.V.O.D.

DJ Reptile
The Weathermen – Poison
Hysterica Passio – Grey Over Life
Ascii Disko – Strassen +
David Caretta – Inside Out
Adamski – Killer

DJ Decoder
Vive La Fete – Noir Desir +
The Sounds – Living In America

DJ Reptile
Dramarama – Anything Anything
Gene Love Jezebel – Desire +

DJ Decoder
The Chameleons – Up The Down Escalator
Dream Disciplies – Cobalt (Blue) +

DJ Reptile
New Order – Crystal +
The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino

DJ Decoder
The Smiths – A Rush And A Push…
Indochine – Trois Nuits Par Semaine
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill +
Blitz – Telecommunication
Inbase – Christine
Kissing The Pink – Watching Their Eyes
Ultravox – We Came To Dance

DJ Reptile
Tears For Fears – Pale Shelter +
The Church – Constant In Opal
The Cure – Just Like Heaven +
Escape With Romeo – Somebody (Flowmotion Mix)

DJ Decoder
The Prids – Contact
Smashing Pumpkins – Tonigt Tonight
Garbage – Lick It

DJ Reptile
The Sundays – Heres Where The Story Ends

DJ Lorry
Ennio Morricone – Man With A Harmonica