Playlist 24.September.2004

DJ Decoder
Kaa Antilope – Rise Up Helicopter
Black Fantasy – Evil Places
Tres – Smile On Your Face
Play – This Little Girl
Comsat Angels – Do The Empty House
Human Disease – Gold Flames Of Angels
Götterdämmerung – Lesser Deity
Mephisto Waltz – Tangia
Mighty Sphincter – In The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Wake – Control

DJ Lorry
Dark Side Cowboys – Deep
The Prophetess – Alone
Swans Of Avon – A Kiss Of A Windflower (Horizon Mix)
Human Disease – Artistic Greed
Bauhaus – Mask
Sex Gang Children – Beasts
Specimen – Tell Tail
Sisters Of Mercy – On The Wire
Play Dead – Company Of Justice
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room
Iron Curtain – The Condos +

DJ Reptile
Trisomie 21 – A New Outset
Hong Kong Counterfeit – Metal Disco (Legowelt vs. Orgue Electronique Mix)
The Uncut – Devotion
Linoleum – On A Tuesday
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Spellbound
The Bolshoi – Away
Modern English – Gathering Dust
Götterdämmerung – Dance The Devachan
Rosetta Stone – Am I Wrong (An Eye For The Main Chance)

DJ Decoder
The Mission – Severina
Killing Joke – Darkness Before Dawn
The Sound – I Can´t Escape Myself
Joy Division – She´s Lost Control
The Chameleons – The Fan & The Bellows
Red Zebra – I Can´t Live In A Living Room
The Wake – Patrol
Surplus Stock – Take It
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Console – Freiburg 3.0
Ladytron – Seventeen +
Client – Down To The Underground
Adult – Glue Your Eyelids Together
Punk Division – Seven Nation Army (Punk Klub Mix)
Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out (Daft Punk Mix)
Interpol – Slow Hands

DJ Lorry
Vendemmian – Masquerade Act II
Götterdämmerung – Left Hand Rapture
Sisters Of Mercy – Poison Door
Mittagspause – Herrenreiter
Misfits – We Are 138
S.Y.P.H. – Zurück Zum Beton
Fehlfarben – Grauschleier
Dead Kennedys – California Über Alles
Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The UK
The Ramones – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Creaming Jesus – A Forest
Le Tigre – The The Empty
The Plague – Naraka
Product Of Reason – Active Repetition
One Gang Logic – Playtime
El Aviador Dro – El Ultimo A La Bastillia
Rational Youth – Coboloid Race

DJ Reptile
Vive La Fete – Assez
Client – Here And Now (Cicada Mix)
The Killers – Somebody Told Me
Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart +
Sophia – Oh My Love
The Cure – Strange Day
The Chameleons – Perfume Garden
B-Movie – Amnesia
The Stills – Still In Love Song
Kent – If You Were Here
Interpol – PDA +
The Auteurs – Lenny Valentino +
Ascii Disko – Aldi Markt +
Primal Scream – Swastika Eyes

DJ Decoder
Coldplay – Clocks (Royksopp Mix) +
Tears For Fears – Mad World +
A Flock Of Seagulls – Modern Love Is Automatic
Libido Blume – In My Room
Fliehende Stürme – Blauer Mond +
DEVO – Mongoloid
Berlin – Metro +
DAF – Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal
Los Inicados – Soy El Vacio
Modern Mannequins – Certain Reality
New Days Delay – Sterokatastrophe
Grauzone – Wütendes Glas +

DJ Lorry
Gleitzeit – Ich Komme Aus Der DDR
Shock Therapy – On My Side
Le Tigre – Deceptacon +
Sid Vicous – My Way
Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor +
Der Fluch – Mein König
Southern Death Cult – Moya
Play Dead – Sin Of Sins +

DJ Reptile
The Walkmen – The Rat
New Order – Dreams Never End
The Smiths – A Rush And A Push… +
The Church – Constant In Opal
The Cure – Pictures Of You +

DJ Decoder
Frigidaire Tango – Recall
P1e – 49 Second Romance
Experimental Products – The Addict
Client – Rock´n Roll Machine (Droyds Mix)

DJ Reptile
Greenhaus – Trigger
Psychonauts – World Keeps Turning

DJ Decoder
Lars Falk – Let Tomorrow Take Over
Sillicon Teens – Sunflight

DJ Reptile
The Sundays – Here´s Where The Story Ends